Small groups have always played a vital role in the church. From the time of Christ to today, the opportunity to connect with God and with others has changed countless lives. The church grows through the closeness of the well-knit community that is formed in a small group, giving the church the ability to grow larger and smaller at the same time!


LifeGroup_logo.jpgAlong with a myriad of small groups to join, Life groups are a more intentional gathering of people who meet on a regular, often on-going, basis. Together they explore a deeper relationship with Jesus, nurture and care for one another, and follow Jesus in daily life. They meet at various times and in different locations throughout the F-M community. Each Life group will focus on three different areas.

  • Sharing with others the joy, struggle, and triumphs of daily life. Sharing how God is active and lifting each other up in prayer. In other words, doing the Christian life together.
  • Studying scripture or a particular book together. Listening for and encountering God in great conversation. Learning and growing.
  • Serving one another and the wider community. Life groups will be encouraged to participate in service projects throughout the year.

Life is not meant for us to go it alone. God is a relational God and has created us to be in relationship with one another. Life groups are an opportunity to connect with people who are traveling the same road of life. We need others to share our joy, shoulder our burdens, hold us in prayer, rejoice in moments of celebration, and to stand fast in the face of challenge. Life groups might be just for you!

For more information or to join a Life group, please connect with Life Group coordinator Shirley Tietz