Servant Leadership Academy

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Servant Leadership Academy (SLA) is our model of confirmation. SLA at First Lutheran Church helps people explore, engage and encounter faith as they study side by side with people of all ages. The goal is not to reach a destination; the goal is the journey itself. Our Servant Leadership Academy is designed after a university model where participants will engage in 6 core classes, and choose from a number of electives classes as well as enrichment experiences. The courses are all designed to be intergenerational and are open to the entire congregation. After completing the 40 steps of Servant Leadership Academy, participants will be able to articulate their faith through: Creating a personal mission statement; defining their values; establishing practices in their daily lives.
A full list of all of the year's classes, times, dates and credits can be found in the Servant Leadership Academy catalog (download from link above). If you have any questions, please contact Meggie Bjertness at or Pr. Laurie Neill at

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