Compassion International Kids

We hope to install a sense of global responsibility in our kids by having each pre-school, kindergarten, and CrossTalk classroom sponsor a Compassion International child. During the year, the classes play an important part in the life of each sponsored child by getting to know him/her through letters and pictures. They bond with their child through prayer and help provide for his/her needs through monetary gifts. We take the fact that every child matters seriously.

The classrooms and their sponsored children are:

  • Busy Bees: Mona from India
  • Creative Caterpillars: Alex from Tanzania
  • Cuddly Cubs: Beatrix from Ecuador
  • Faithful Frogs: Dominic from Kenya
  • Gentle Giraffes: Mateo from Mexico
  • Kind Kangaroos: Sukanya from Thailand
  • Little Lambs: Aracely from Peru
  • Peaceful Penguins: Joelson from Haiti
  • CrossTalk Kids: Justene from the Philippines