weddong.jpgThe marriage of a Christian man and woman is the mirror of God’s love for his people, the Church. It builds upon our creation as male and female (Gen. 1:27). Sexual differences are of God’s good design, intended to bring joy and enrichment to human life as well as to provide for procreation. The essence of marriage is that, in the act and relationship of marriage, two persons become one flesh (Gen. 2:24). In this complementary nature of the two sexes as God created them lies the basis for marriage and each new family.

Christian people recognize their marital union as belonging to God’s created order; it is not merely a contract between two individuals. Christian people also seek the fulfillment of their marital union in Christ as they grow in loving one another even as Christ has loved them, as they learn to forgive one another in the spirit of Christ, and as they draw upon the resources which the Lord of the church makes available to his people. The faith of Christian people affects, often decisively, every aspect of their marriage.

It is our desire to help make your wedding at First Lutheran Church an event that will always live in your memory as a very significant, joyful and sacred.

May the Lord bless you and keep you in his grace.  Contact Becki Tollefson to reserve a date: 701-235-7389,

Lutherans believe that baptism is the saving work of God, mandated by Jesus Christ. It is the “means of grace” that God uses to strengthen and save each of us. Since the creation of faith is exclusively God’s work, it does not depend on the actions of the one baptized, infant or adult. Even though baptized infants cannot articulate faith, we believe that it is present all the same.

The presence of faith is what creates the condition that all of God’s gifts are received. Baptism allows for the reception of other gifts such as the forgiveness of sins, deliverance from sin, death and the devil, and eternal salvation. 1 Peter 3:21 states, “and this water symbolizes baptism that now saves you also—not the removal of dirt from the body but the pledge of a good conscience toward God. It saves you through the resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

Anyone wanting their child baptized at First Lutheran Church will need to take a Baptism Training Course that we offer the first Sunday of each month. The class may be taken anytime before the scheduled baptism.

Please call Becki at 235-7389 or e-mail to register for the class and/or to make arrangements for your child's baptism.

When:  10:00 a.m. on the First Sunday each month
Where:  Chapel


Registering at First Lutheran

There are four avenues of registration that will work for you.Registration_Central_button.jpg

  1. Registration Page.  For your convenience we have a single registration page that allows you to look at all of the events at First Lutheran Church that require registration.

  2. Search.  If you know the title of the event simply type the title into the search box and select enter. You will get an event descripton form where you can find a register button.

  3. Calendar.  If you know the date of your event you will find the calendar located HERE. Find the event on the calendar and click on the link. You will see a registration link on the calendar event.

  4. Call a staff person. We would be more than happy to help anyone who needs assistance. Give us a call at 701-235-7389.


Becoming a “member” of First Lutheran Church
Two-part class (must attend both)

A lot of time people wonder, “Why should I join the church? Why not just go and participate?” Let’s first look at what the word “member” means. In the church, a member is someone who has said, “I’m committed to being a part of a people who hear the word of God preached; who partake of grace through Communion and Baptism; and who commit to loving and looking out for each other.”
What church membership is not, is a privilege. It doesn’t give one rights or preferential treatment, like joining a club. It’s not about going anywhere but rather about the journey and those alongside you on it. If you would like to commit to being a part of this body of Christ called First Lutheran, welcome to the journey! Please contact Shirley Tietz,

firstfruits.jpgWays to give to the church's ministry

1. A Financial Pledge: Each fall, First Lutheran Church begins its process of assessing its finances in order to, in turn, assess its ministry abilities for the coming year. A vital part of that process is its invitation for its members to make a formal pledge of their giving intentions. Please consider making a formal pledge to First Lutheran Church. Pledge cards are always available in the church office.

2. Cash and check: Gifts by check or cash, of course, continue to be the method most people choose. Financial gifts sent to the church office, or left in offering plates, are not only appreciated, but are indispensable to the fulfillment of our mission. Your gifts may be made generally, or as a way to honor or memorialize a family member or friend.

3. Electronic Giving/Direct Debit: The most convenient way to contribute is with electronic giving. First Lutheran utilizes the Simply Giving program endorsed by Thrivent Financial Bank and managed by Vanco Services. It is a safe, reliable, automated giving program. You determine the frequency of your automatic gift1--one-time, weekly, or monthly--and the church is assisted by the predictability of your gifts. Contact the church office at 235-7389 if you are interested in this convenient approach.

4. Online Giving via Checking or Savings Account or Debit/Credit Card: Vanco Services provides a second convenient giving method which permits you to make an on-line contribution. Click on the button below to donate now.

5. Stock Transfers: Some prefer to contribute by way of the transfer of stock shares. By gifting stock to the church, capital gains taxes may be avoided. Please contact the church office for more information.

6. Real Estate or vehicles: The church is capable of receiving gifts of property, such as real estate or vehicles. Such assets will likely be sold and the proceeds will be dedicated to the church's ministry. Again, please contact the church office for more information.


Our church is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). The ELCA is an organization made up of many churches and approximately four million members. We have a great deal to be proud of as a member of this church. There are many things that we do very well as we all work together. 

Our relationship with the ELCA can be understood as a missional partnership. This partnership is strengthened when the values of First Lutheran and the values of the ELCA are in cadence. Our efforts in mission and ministry are far greater when we can work together!

But, with that said, we find that we are in a season in culture where our alligience and loyalty to institutions is being challenged. This has caused us at a local level to clearly define God's goal for this specific church, God's mission and establish a ministry plan to fulfill God's intent as we discern it. The ELCA is not a top-down organization, but rather seeks to let the local congregation lead. As initiatives that meet the goals of this congregation arise in the ELCA, we join in their efforts. If there are inititives that do not align with our intent and mission, we will not participate.

 First Lutheran has a strong history of working within the synod and the wider ELCA community. However, given the diversity within the ELCA, our efforts and/or mission may not always be congruent. We live, at this point, into the realization and freedom that we are called to live into the unity of Jesus without insisting on uniformity. The relationship between First Lutheran and the ELCA is a good, fluid partnership in mission! 



As Christians, we follow Jesus. Everything that we say and do is reflective of this reality. Together, as First Lutheran, we are called to this mission, “to bring people into relationship with Jesus Christ and to help them grow in the Christian faith.” We strive to lift up the relational presence of Jesus in our everyday life. In short, it is all about Jesus! Our mission and ministry is constantly evaluated by this criterion, “Does this opportunity or possibility serve Christ? The Church is called into existence to make Jesus know throughout the world…that is certainly our call, as well!    

We recognize that in Jesus' life, he only had trouble with one group of people, religious types. And as religious types, we build religious systems. It is a noble and courageous task. 

But, because we are fallen, our systems have a natural tendency to be about the system. We at FLC work tirelessly to ensure our system or scheme of doing things is not about us, not about our system but about our Lord.

Sometimes we are successful and people encounter Christ in personal ways that are real and complete. Other times our system gets in the way and we are called to repentance. Our committment to you is that we will continue to bring under critical review our practice and attitudes so that we might be the voice of Christ and NO other.



We give you a "banquet table" of options with these five funds

  1. The General Fund. This is the fund that pays the light bill. This should be the fund that primary is funded by our tithe dollars.
  2. The 20/20 Fund. This fund is dedicated to doing projects to maintain and improve our physical plant.
  3. The Foundation. This is our perpetual fund. It is permanently restricted and the proceeds of the fund are distributed annually.
  4. Restricted. We have many ministry projects happening at any one time, from sending kids to camp to supporting global missions. You will always have an opportunity to give to one of these projects.
  5. Memorial Giving. Honor those you care about by giving a gift in memory of them.


In 2 Corinthians 1:4, God is described as the God of all comfort. What a great description of a loving and gracious God. As followers of Jesus we try to lead by his example. So, yes, we are available to support you. But also to rejoice with you! Here are situations that we hope you will let us know about so we can pray for you, visit, call, send a note and support. come_unto_me.jpg

  • Hospitalization
  • Prolonged illness
  • Death of a loved one (spouse, child, parent, friend)
  • Addiction issues
  • Financial issues
  • Unemployment
  • Isolation
  • Suicidal Thoughts
  • Spiritual Crisis

Over the years we have cultivated a significant network of support services in Fargo/Moorhead. If we can't help, we know someone who can.

You can contact any of our pastoral staff by calling: 701.235.7389 or through email:

Senior Pastor, Corey

Visitation Pastor, Bill

Family Life Pastor, Laurie