Jesus was a person who saw the value of worship. In Luke 4:16,
The scriptures record, "He went to Nazareth, where he had
been brought, and on the Sabbath day,

he went into the Synagogue, as was his custom."

One of the great mysteries of humanity is when we focus our
soul on telling God how good God is, which is the essence of
praise our soul rises to the highest heaven.  And like the
disciples before us, "our hearts are strangely warmed."

Come let's laugh, love, and praise him together.



We join together to hear God’s word, respond with praise, and lift up ourselves and others in prayer. In the Sanctuary, the music is mostly traditional in form, featuring an organ and often a choir, along with a myriad of other musical offerings, such as bells, orchestra, brass, and children’s choir. All for the sole purpose of bringing glory to God..

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Our Contemporary Worship in the NEW Celebration Center brings together modern music, multi-generational participation, and a love for praising our Lord. Each service is relaxed and heartfelt. Worship is lead by our praise band, and at the close of every worship, all the children are invited forward to sing and play along.