Would you like to help First Lutheran Church serve its mission, to bring people into a relationship with Jesus Christ and grow in the Christian faith? There are five targets for your giving!

Our general fund is the "tithe" fund. The majority of our members give their weekly offering to this fund. It is the fund we use to pay the bills that keep the ministry running. It is also the fund that pays out our gifts to the ministries both globally and locally that we are in partnership with.

The First Lutheran Foundation is a vital component of the ministry of First Lutheran Church. It was established as a separate incorporated extension of the church to accept gifts to be held in an endowment fund. The contribution principal is invested in perpetuity. A gift to the Foundation is a gift that keeps on giving.

The purpose of the Foundation's funds is to make disbursements to expand the witness and mission of First Lutheran Church, and to support special missions of the Christian Church in the community, region and world.

The Foundation Board, in response to formal, written grant requests, determines annual disbursements from the endowment fund.

If you have a passion for First Lutheran church and want to see the building and grounds preserved, here is an opportunity to make a difference!

The First Lutheran Church 20/20 Club has been formed to provide the funds necessary to maintain a facility like ours. The goal of the club is to fund 20 major projects by the year 2020. We are blessed to have a beautiful place in which to worship. It would cost at least $15 million to replace. Parts of it are almost 100 years old. Too often major repairs or renovations become necessary which are too large to be included in the annual budget.

Funds donated to the 20/20 Club, principal AND interest, will be used exclusively to pay for these projects.

Please consider becoming a member of the 20/20 Club so that first Lutheran Church will continue to be a church that we can all be proud of and serve as an inspiration for all who come here to receive his Word.

Restricted Giving at First Lutheran is a banquet table of generosity. At any given time there are many projects going on at the church. If you like to give to specific projects we likely have one that fits your needs.

Our administrator, Terry Yoney, would be more than happy to talk to you about your many options. You may reach him by calling 701-235-7389 or tyoney@flcfargo.org.

Memorial Giving is close to all our heart. If you have a loved one that you would like to give a gift in memory of we have many options. These are some favorites: radio broadcast, youth camperships, flowers for Sunday morning and many more.

Give one of our staff a call and we will assist you in a memorial gift that the right fit for you and for giving glory to God.

Ways in which you can give!

Each fall, First Lutheran Church begins its process of assessing its finances in order to, in turn, assess its ministry abilities for the coming year. A vital part of that process is its invitation for its members to make a formal pledge of their giving intentions. Please consider making a formal pledge to First Lutheran Church. Pledge cards are always available in the church office.

Gifts by check or cash continue to be the method most people choose to support the ministry of First Lutheran Church. Financial gifts sent to the church office, or left in offering plates, are not only appreciated, but are indispensable to the fulfillment of our mission. Your gifts may be made as a general donation or as a way to honor or memorialize a family member or friend.

The most convenient way to contribute to the mission of First Lutheran Church is with electronic giving.  First Lutheran utilizes the Simply Giving program endorsed by Thrivent Financial Bank and managed by Vanco Services. It is a safe, reliable, automated giving program. You determine the frequency of your automatic gift---one-time, weekly, or monthly--- and the church is assisted by the predictability of your gifts. Contact the church office at 235-7389 if you are interested in this convenient approach

The transfer of stock shares is a unique opportunity to contribute to First Lutheran. By gifting stock to the church, capital gains taxes may be avoided. Please contact the church office for more information.

The church is capable of receiving gifts of property, such as real estate or vehicles. Such assets will likely be sold and the proceeds will be dedicated to the church's ministry. Please contact the church office for more information.

A Guide to Godly giving is a document that Pastor Corey developed for the use of us at First Lutheran. Feel free to download a copy for free. Click here.