The Generations of Generosity Campaign has a three-year time frame and you may start paying on your pledge at any time. The easiest way to is to set up electronic funds transfer (EFT) on our website (link). If you have any questions or need help, please contact Danelle Kjar ( at 701.235.7389.

Yes, we did!  For the first time in two decades, FLC has no debt.

If things continue to go well, we are hoping for a June ground-breaking ceremony.

The first service in our sanctuary was held Christmas Eve, 1919 and it would be wonderful, if all goes as planned, to complete our new worship space by December 15, 2019.

The current worship spaces will not be interrupted. However, there will be times when getting to the worship spaces at FLC will be inconvenienced but there are things we can do to minimize the impact as it arises.

For education, we hope to minimize the disruption by completing important parts of the plan during the summer. Disruptions that may happen during the school year will require  some creative solutions, but we are committed to not cheating our children on their Christian education. 

The plans are on the west wall of the gathering space, and you can also see some 3D renderings on the website at

We welcome your questions and suggestions! Please feel free to contact anyone of the staff or council members with input and questions. You may also contact Dave Rogness, chair of the building committee, or Terry Yoney, our congregational representative throughout the building process.

We are excited about two things concerning coffee after construction is complete: 1.) On Sunday mornings, we will have a beautiful coffee shop by which you can get all the varieties of coffee that would be offered at a Starbucks or a Caribou.  2.) Our dining room will now be available for fellowship and coffee.

We have some of the most beautiful stain glass window in the world. It is understandable that people are concerned. All of our windows will remain with the building. However, six of our windows will be relocated. There are two windows in the back of the sanctuary that will be moved. All of the other smaller windows on the south side will remain where they are and be enhanced in some ways. There are four stained glass windows in the northwest stairway near the gathering space. These will be moved to the stairway that leads to the balcony of the new worship center.

  1. They will be restored by a professional stain glass expert.  Stain glass needs to be cared for from time to time as they age.
  2. They will be enhanced with exterior lighting, so they continue to bless worshippers in the sanctuary.
  3. The outer (storm) glass that is now on the exterior will be removed. Currently, the glass has become cloudy and diminishes the windows beauty.

No larger windows on the south side of the sanctuary are being affected.

No stained glass is being removed.

FLC - Gallery Stained Glass to Remain.jpg

Our chapel is one of the most beloved rooms in the building. It has been used for weddings, funerals, worship, education and a host of other reasons. So, special care is being taken to move this masterpiece. What is now called the Gathering Space, when built was custom designed to receive the chapel if ever moved.  The windows are the same size and the square footage is a bit bigger. Enhancements for the chapel in this move are as follows:

  1. It will be handicapped accessible.  Our current chapel does NOT meet code as directed by the Americans with Disability Act.
  2. The chapel will back up to the sacristy to make serving communion easier.
  3. There will be a columbarium in the back of the new chapel.
  4. East windows will enhance the stain glass.
The current Celebration Hall will become the primary dining area with tables and seating so that people may easily gather there for food and coffee. The newly renovated Gathering Space will provide flexible gathering options (i.e., seating-niches, chairs, tables, and stand-up tables).
Vibration is a concern for the organ for two reasons:
  1. It will shake dust down into the 4,000 pipes that make up the organ.
  2. Some of the pipes are small enough that they may reposition during construction which would put the organ out of tune.
We are consulting with experts in the organ industry to mitigate both of these risks.
The importance of protecting the sanctuary building is primary in our project design and construction logistics planning. Not only are we considering construction impacts adjacent to the sanctuary but also the impact of construction activities on the overall site.
  • Prior to construction, the existing building will be inventoried and photo documented to become a basis for monitoring and tracking any change. We will also implement vibration monitoring devices and establish a baseline prior to beginning construction. Vibration monitoring will provide real-time data and alerts throughout project construction so work can be immediately adjusted when needed.
  • Project design and construction detailing will minimize compaction (vibration) work directly adjacent to the sanctuary.
  • Construction documents will include provisions on properly protecting stained glass, the pipe organ and key building elements so the Church establishes the preferred methods rather than relying on the contractors.